The steps for an excellent vintage

Growers in the best and traditional production areas who use environmentally friendly methods to cultivate Italian native grape varieties, on the basis of the following criteria:

  • soil composition
  • vineyard planting density/yield
  • care of the vines
  • vineyard altitude
  • vine-training system
  • vineyard aspect

Climate to identify the vineyards and the grape varieties that enjoyed the best weather conditions during the year

The wines that we offer, choosing only those of our grower partners who have enjoyed ideal weather conditions during the cultivation of a grape variety

Our wine, first ensuring hand picking of clusters, which are left on the vine until perfectly ripe. We make monovarietal wines to foster terroir flavours and aromas, supervised from vineyard to cellar by our exclusive team of expert sommeliers, oenologists and growers

The production process with wine enthusiasts, using their precious feedback to improve and perfect our wines