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Collio Goriziano Bianco D.O.C.

The vineyards, in Oslavia (Gorizia), are rooted in a local soil known as ponca, which gives the wine its name. The soil is composed of marl and sandstone formed during the Eocene epoch, while the microclimate has unique temperature fluctuations and is particularly breezy. The wine is a blend of Ribolla Gialla and Malvasia Istriana, the area’s finest native grape varieties, and its mineral notes come combined with a powerful structure and silkiness. Poncale is also highly cellarable and suitable for unusually long bottle ageing, which gives important evolving tertiary notes the time they need to develop.

Name: PONCALE 2012

Tipology: Borgognotta 750 ml

Appellation: Collio Goriziano Bianco D.O.C.

Varieties: Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia Istriana e Chardonnay

Production area: Collio Goriziano, Oslavia

Organoleptic description:

Intense straw yellow colours, complex bouquet with hints of jasmin, acacia and almond. Tasty, fresh and satisfying.


Regione: Friuli-Venezia Giulia