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Salina Bianco Igt

The vineyards are situated in the municipality of Malfa (Messina), among myrtle, broom and caper bushes. The blend of 45% Inzolia (Sicily’s oldest native grape variety) and 55% Grillo make this an original wine whose nose and palate display both herbal notes of Mediterranean scrubland and strong mineral aromas of flint, sulphur and lava. It is a unique wine, completely different from the classic floral and fruity whites, and it is the embodiment of the island of Salina’s dual marine and volcanic nature. Salina Bianco is aged in stainless steel casks.


Tipology: Borgonotta 750 ml

Appellation: Salina Bianco Igt

Varieties: Inzolia, Grillo

Production area: Property vineyards in the Malfa area

Organoleptic description:

Pale yellow with greenish shade. Scents of aromatic herbs from the mediterranean bush, well remembered as a fresh sensation in the flavour, good harmony and consistency.

Regione: Sicilia